7 Unusual Tips For Writing Engaging Content…

Writing tips for creating engaging content.

Chirag Malik
3 min readNov 11, 2023

I have been writing online for over three years, publishing hundreds of articles on various platforms, and collaborating with clients to create content.

Over time, I have learned certain writing tips that consistently work for me, which are also used by great writers across the internet.

I will be sharing the lessons I have learned to create compelling content.

1. Spark Emotions:

Humans are emotional beings. Write about things that move you emotionally, that you care about, and want to write about. Don’t focus too much on the technical side of writing, focus on the stories you want to convey and spark emotions through those stories.

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2. Establish Authority:

Establishing authority is divided into three parts: your writing style, your word choice, and the content itself. Showcase your tiny and huge accomplishments along your journey, and write in a way that is relevant to your readers.

3. Be Bold:

Don’t shy away from sharing your opinions, no matter how unpopular or controversial they are. Share your unique experiences, feelings, and insights you gained through them. This is what makes your writing unique and you’ll be more likely to stand out among the pack.

4. Solve Problems:

People don’t care about you or your writing, they care about themselves. If your writing doesn’t solve their problems they won’t be interested in what you have to say. Talk about problems you’ve faced and how you solved them, the right audience will find you.

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5. Disrupt The Conversation:

When everyone around you is talking about the same things and you believe something different then don’t be afraid to share it. This way you can grab the attention of the audience and disrupt the usual stale pattern. All great writers have done it.

6. Be Personal and Deliver Value:

In the age of AI, most writer’s words seem robotic and fail to evoke any emotion in the audience. One of the skills that will help creators succeed is being able to delve deep into their stories and extract lessons that can help the readers.

7. Read The Best Books:

Stay informed about the niche that you write about. Get as many perspectives, viewpoints, and opinions. Reading is one of the best ways to learn from the best writers in the world. Read everything that you can get your hands on to stay relevant.

If you don’t consume the best raw materials and inputs, how could you possibly create any great outputs? Read the best books you can find, and don’t be afraid to read them many times.

To write content that appeals to the masses one must read stuff that has already done that.

That’s it from my side. Feel free to share these helpful tips with your fellow writers.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article and paying attention to it.

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